Queensland Property Investment – Attraction of Gold Coast Real Estate

Savvy investors know the benefits of Queensland property investment and the fantastic opportunities that exist as far as investment property in Australia. Wise investors seeking to secure retirement assets and build their wealth are looking to Queensland for Gold Coast real estate.

High expected levels of growth in Queensland and the Gold Coast area have many New Zealanders looking to improve their investment property situation in favor of better economic conditions and higher profit returns. With the population growth slowing every year, New Zealand property owners worry how the market will fair if they don’t make some portfolio changes now.

A comparison of expected growth in the number of households in New Zealand compared to Queensland reflects a rate of 40,000 new homes yearly in Queensland as compared to less than 20,000 in New Zealand, and the figure of expected homes annually in New Zealand may even be inflated. It isn’t hard to see why some New Zealanders have cause to worry about their investment property value in the upcoming years. What are some of the advantages of Queensland property investment?

Capital Growth For any real estate market to offer a favorable opportunity for potential investment growth, there are certain economic conditions that must exist. These include:

High expected population growth

Increasing demand for housing to meet a growing population’s needs

Industry growth and expansion

Strong natural resource base

Export of both refined and raw commodities All these factors combined make Queensland property investment and Gold Coast real estate attractive to investors seeking to build a portfolio around a strong economy with a high level of expected population growth.

A Supported Infrastructure- It isn’t any wonder why Queensland property investment and Gold Coast real estate are so attractive to investors. Consider the following when contemplating investing in property in this thriving area.

No shortage of airports with 3 international and 130 domestic airports, including Brisbane Airport, Gold Coast Airport, and Cairns International

Active government reinvestment support meets the demands of both economic and population growth

Continual development of road and pubic transport systems, water, energy networks, telecommunications, and strong support of research and development.

Strong Outlook Ahead- Another thing wise investors always evaluate are predictions of what lies ahead in a particular investment property area such as Queensland and Gold Coast real estate. The following indicate still more favorable conditions for Queensland property investment: Growth rate of employment is 38% higher than average in Australia

Growth rate of population is 46% higher than average in Australia

Growth rate of economy is 35% higher than average in Australia

Multicultural diversity enhances the ability to transact business globally

Unlike many other areas, Queensland’s economy remains stable and is very promising regarding future growth Investment Property Values

Another strong attraction to investors in Queensland property investment is the median housing value history in areas like Brisbane. From 1980 to 1987, values doubled in that 7 year period. Between 1987 and 1993, median values doubled again.

The trend continued when prices again doubled in 2003. With median property values now around $450,000 it is easy to see what attracts investors to Gold Coast real estate investment property. All things considered, New Zealand investors have several good reasons to investigate investing in property in the Queensland and Gold Coast area. With a promising future and favorable economic conditions, the right properties are sure to be winning investments for any portfolio.